HSEQ Consultancy Services. We are a team of experienced, thorough Occupational
Health Safety, Environmental care and Quality (HSEQ)
consultants and distributors of high quality
Facility and Safety Equipments.
Development of HSEQ Management Systems We can build your QHSE Management system from level zero
to world class levels and cut your injury rate by 50-70% with
our specialised Behavioural Safety Programs
The HLDP is organized by MTC Enterprise Nigeria Limited a team of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE)consultants. APPLY NOW Our vision is to grow and nurture HSE Talents for Africa. Our mission is to equip
young graduates with practical HSE and Leadership skills through mentoring,
coaching, experiential and project-based learning and industry attachment.

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incorporated under the companies and allied matters ACT 1990 in 2010, is a team of experienced, thoroughbred Quality Management Systems, Occupational Health Safety and Environmental care (HSE) consultants, Trainers and Auditors .

Three Multi-Ethnic construction workers in uniform standing at construction site with crane in background, discussing building plans while holding blueprint at sunset under the tower crane.
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What We Do

Safety, Environmentalcare and Quality Management Systems.
We can build your QHSE Management system from level…

These are very important talent management techniques because they emphasize the development of special skills that benefit the company as well as the individuals…

Supporting organizations to prepare for certifications such as ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, OSHAS 18001 & ISO 14001 within an agreed period of time. Services include Plant HSE Gap Analysis,…

High Security Services

  • Mobile Guarding
  • Remote Guarding
  • Electronic Security
  • Integrated Guarding
  • Fire and Safety Services
  • On-site Guarding

Fast Response Time Guaranteed


Are you a Contractor working on a Special Project, Job or Assignment and you need short term HSE support?
Are you a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise in need of one-off HSE support or a temporary HSE staff?

Locksmithing services

Our technicians are equipped with the latest modern technology and are available 24/7 at your request.

  • Master key systems
  • High security cylinders
  • Changing and rekeying locks
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Fast lock out service
  • Installation and repair of locks
  • Window locks
  • Deadlocks & Padlocks
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We offer fast, professional and exceptional services

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Our Team

Managing Partner MTC Nigeria Limited

Principal Consultant MTC Nigeria Limited

Principal Consultant MTC Nigeria Limited

Principal Consultant MTC Nigeria Limited

Director of Research MTC Nigeria Limited

Delivering the Best Safety Solutions to Our Clients

Graduate trainees
Satisfied Clients
"I had an amazing experience while in the HLDP. I had access to several companies, worked on various projects independently and in teams. The key highlights for me was the opportunity to interact with top industry professionals; to own, manage and be accountable for the projects of multinationals; and to attend top management meetings that I ordinarily wasn't in a position to be in."
Adaora Ekperechukwu
Chemical Engineering Graduate

Blog Posts

I was preparing to close for the day when my Manager sent for me. On entering the room, I noticed other managers. …

In the early years of my career, I was too much into safety that I took little or no interest in other …

I came into Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Care (HSE)  on a strong recommendation. I was a Production shift Manager in a …